It's not ALL bad news!

To all true friends of liberty:

One of the most interesting things about news reports is the way that the same basic information can be presented and yet tell very different tales. My all-time favorite has to be the Carter-era news release on the standby gas rationing system that was then being implemented. In this particular story, it was pointed out that the rationing system would be triggered by a 20% shortfall in the nation's gas supplies. The system was designed to ensure that every American would receive 70% of his normal supply.

So what we had was a system that would automatically turn a 20% shortfall into a 30% shortfall. By careful presentation of the facts, however, it made it look like this was a good deal for the average joe. Incidentally, all of the gas rationing coupons had the same picture of George Washington as is found on the one-dollar bill. They could therefore be exchanged, not just for 70% of your usual gallon of gas, but also for four quarters from any bill changing machine. Thus completely useless for their designed purpose, the coupons were stored for many years at the Pueblo Army Depot in southern Colorado and eventually destroyed by burning inside the ammunition igloos in which they were kept.

The point of all this is that there is often a surprising amount of good news to be found in what might otherwise be considered as disastrous tidings. Take, for example, the recent Brady bill stories. That the administration is interested in expanding Brady provisions to rifles and shotguns is surely not welcome intelligence. That either 230,000 (according to some sources) or 17 (according to others) convicted felons have been thwarted in their desire for a handgun is really beside the point. Who cares how many have been denied a gun? Let's look, instead, at the real story here. Slipped in to those Clinton-sponsored stories about how many bad guys have been disarmed and how the program should be expanded is some really, really encouraging news.

Over 10,000,000 Brady checks have been performed in the past four years. Imagine! Ten million handgun sales (minus somewhere between 17 and 230,000). Two and a half million a year! Nearly 7,000 a day, including Sundays and holidays. By god, it makes you PROUD to be an American, doesn't it? We're still number one at something and it's something that's damned important, to boot.

Imagine equipping the United States Army with just one year's worth of handgun sales. Every soldier would have five handguns strapped to his waist. Imagine equipping them with all of the handguns sold since Bill Clinton took office. You'd need a line of native bearers to carry those 28 handguns. A good-sized truck to carry each soldier's share of the rifles and shotguns. A small convoy for his portion of the ammunition and reloading components.

Let's not forget that these ten million Brady guns are just those sold through FFL dealers. Think of the additional millions, perhaps tens of millions, that changed hands between one private owner and another. These are the statistics that really matter. Do you think Bill Clinton really cares whether even one armed thug is gotten off the streets (I mean someone other than Franciso Duran)? For the first time, amalgamated statistics are landing on his desk and he can quantify just how "successful" his effort at disarming America has been. At the same time, he can blandly slip the real story (America's frantic rearmament) past the inattentive patriots who are too busy moaning about the next wave of evil NWO legislation.

I say: Thanks, Bill. You've done more to awaken America and cause even the most zombie-like citizen to rush out and buy a gun than any other living human being. Ronald Reagan, John Wayne, Mark Koernke, John Trochmann, et al ain't got nothing on you, baby. You are the merchants of death's number one butt boy and the biggest spoke in the wheel of your own utopia. Nice going, moron. Please don't come over to our side because we want to win. Millions, I repeat: millions, of Americans who would never have considered owning a gun now have a little bit of insurance tucked underneath the bed. So don't give up on your fellow citizens just yet. We're halfway home if you don't alienate them with stupid human militia tricks.

I dare say that the percentage of Americans who own guns is at an all-time high. The number of Americans who own a gun is certainly at an all-time high. The number of guns owned by Americans is certainly at an all-time high. The quality (and military usefulness) of guns owned by Americans is at an all-time high. The stockpile of ammunition and reloading components owned by Americans is at an earth-shattering, most Third-world continents can't even come close, all-time high. Don't whine about the Brady bill. After all, the primary proponent of this gun control legislation is someone who is brain-damaged. Rational arguments just aren't going to work on someone who's only running on half-a-lobe. They don't make sense to most liberals and network correspondents either. Hmmm, I wonder why that is?

Let's look at another interesting story-- the New Black Panther Party's avowed defense against the Klan in Jasper, Texas. Why is this so objectionable to so many patriots? It seems like capital news to me. Up to now, the media has been able to portray the militia as some sort of funky white suburban street gang. Having a highly-publicized appearance of a new black militia is of tremendous value to those of us who are dedicated to the restoration of constitutional liberty. I welcome any and all who are willing to make their stand for freedom. I especially welcome those whom the liberal media dare not portray as right-wing lunatics.

These are not the branded "Uncle Tom" black conservatives but the real McCoy radical activist left proclaiming themselves as a militia. See how much ground we have gained. Even those who do not agree with us politically now find advantage in using our methods and rhetoric. When our opponents must fly our colors in order to garner popular support-- they have already lost. Whatever victory they attain will redound to our credit and not to theirs. We should support these efforts to the absolute limits of our abilities.

There is a line in the Battle Hymn of the Republic that goes: "I have seen him in the watchfires of a hundred circling camps..." Someone finally shows up to build a blaze next to ours and we want to turn them in for playing with matches. Get real. Get your priorities straight.

There is a vast awakening in America. It would be even vaster if it weren't for the legions of morons we have allowed to shelter under our banners. They have to go if we are ever to make this thing work. So often we make the mistake of going for numbers, numbers right now-- without realizing that for every Christian Identity or Republic of Texas loser in our ranks, there are dozens, maybe even hundreds, of more like-minded patriots who will never swell our ranks for fear of contamination by these dangerous anti-American fanatics. People with money. People with important connections. People whose help we desperately need but aren't going to get. People who won't touch us with a ten-foot-pole because of our hobnobbing with nazis.

Don't kid yourself. Look at deeds, not words. None of these Identity swine love the United States. They all seek for a New World Order of their own-- a successor state to be built on the ruins of a failed America. The destruction of America is a crucial element of their plans-- yet they have neither the numbers or the resources to make their twisted dreams of a racial-religious empire a reality without the help of those unwitting dupes in the militia. You wonder why the FBI and the ATF are so interested in the militias? Well, wonder no more. If you harbor traitors in your ranks, you yourself have earned a traitor's wage.

This is a struggle in which only the most virtuous will prevail. It is a struggle between love and hatred. If you do not love your fellow man. if you do not love America, if you do not value the mighty deeds of your forefathers, you are not going to win. To all of you who know that America belongs to those who are willing to fight for her in her hour of greatest need, I say: Let us go forward together.

The Union forever