A letter from my friend...


Two days ago I began my next career fighting for the rights of parents to be parents and for men to be fathers and dads to their biologic children. I did not choose to change, but change I must. I spent the last 20 years or so doing biomedical research, but became cognizant of the issues men and fathers faced when I was surprised with a divorce on a planned family move to OK as many of you know. My faculty position at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology in the College of Medicine ended officially two days ago.

My contract and tenure track slot was terminated shortly after I became involved in the Child Support (CS) guideline review process in OK (a state different than where my children live) where the state CSED tried to raise OK's guidelines 100%. I already knew that the guidelines in place did not reflect spending patterns of families with children. I became involved a little over a year ago now in OK, and like many fathers who stand up for their rights...the system attacks them. The Dean of the Medical School, and Provost (Dr. Joseph Ferretti who was my original Department Chair), terminated my position without reason, by mail, last June....the day I had filed two invention disclosures for patents based in part on the work I did here in OK. Going after fathers here in OK is nothing new as they have pulled files of active fathers, provided pro-bono legal services to ex wives, etc. I expected different because I was an academic, but got the same. The shock on some politicians faces as they came to realize a government employee was interfering with DHS's agenda a year ago was the clue as to what fate awaited me here in OK.

Why am I switching after 20 years in biomedical research? Because I have seen the same type of political response against other fathers and mothers, men and women, who have spoken out against the system and the moneys involved. One only becomes a target if one is a threat by being politically incorrect and speaking out. I am familiar with all sorts of retaliations against men in OK since I have been here, and against others in other states, and it is this type of response against men and women that underline the importance of standing up against the corrupt systems in place......corrupt both intellectually and in practice.

Although there are those who say this is just politically correct politics......the folks behind the assault on fathers and men and citizens in general know what there goals are and what they hope to accomplish. Most folks haven't a clue as to the rights they have lost in the last 10-15 years while the scapegoat has been fathers/men and immigrants, but as the government builds it databases on everyone, issues national ID cards to everyone, tracking devices that will appear in cars, etc., folks will come to realize the type of folks running our U.S. government. The similarity between the rise of the Third Reich and Nazi Germany and the ID'ing and tracking of the jews is not much different than what is happening to citizens in the U.S. today.

The corruption, both intellectually and in practice, of those involved in the state and federal bureaucracy of DHS/CSE and the family legal extortion industry someday soon will be legendary......but only if men and women dedicate themselves to exposing the system for what it is.......a system that uses children to make money and use rabid feminists to push the agenda. We fight a 1.5 trillion dollar plus boondoggle of social services, government bureaucracies, and legal industries. As Tom Selleck said at the Fatherhood Summit in Washington D.C. a week ago......."It is time for fathers to push back!"

It is my intention along with a few others to work full-time in a company that we have formed to establishing child support guidelines that are based on reality, and that are not intended to provide incentives for divorce/out-of-wedlock births by raising the SOL of a working woman who has children and then discards men/fathers. We have a 30+ year history of what happens to families and fathers in the US when our government decided to pay women to get rid of fathers. Today we have 40% of children going to bed without a biologic parent....usually the father. Almost all of society's social ills can directly be attributed to fatherlessness. Unfortunately the spin that you all read in the paper and hear on the news doesn't even begin to reflect what happened over the 30 plus years. The numbers today are available however for all to see thanks to the internet.

The destruction of family structure in some communities is almost complete....driven by government policies that likely forever altered family structure by removing fathers from the families that is now generational. Although the first community to be affected was the African American community because they were poor, the same fate awaits every other community and their family structure with the financial incentives for divorce, etc. The evidence is very clear.....because of financial incentives and laws, the African American family that had similar marriage rates and out-of-wedlock birth rates as whites 35 years ago, today has over 70% of children born out of wedlock and the social ills that were predicted in the 60's with the destruction of family structure. Although many argue it is the feminists who are solely responsible, it is just as likely that racists also supported this legislation to destroy African American families and targets the males today.

We successfully organized an alliance this year in OK that was pro-family, by uniting many disparate groups that cover the spectrum of family issues, and were non-partisan in our approach and support. It has been successful. You can debate all you want how it should be solely a women's choice and that women deserve the money to support THEIR children, but a 30 year history has demonstrated that girls raised in fatherless homes also are more likely to act like animals...just like the boys who are wild and are likely to end up in jail.......and that they will have children for money and the protection afforded by any man at the moment. Money drives choices as well as biology. The beneficiaries of these policies are government agencies and private industries....and only a part of society is expected to cover these costs for making more clients.

If you are concerned about the future of your children and the society they will participate in.....then I urge you to get involved today and remain active until the incentives for family destruction and the industries that feed upon them are gone. Many of you are not alone in your concerns and questions about the system and the consequences as there is great concern throughout the U.S. at many levels. I shall not give up nor should you......not today, tomorrow, or next year, or at least not until the rewards for broken families are removed.

The internet and easy access to information and communication with others has been key to the process of many becoming educated on the anti-family laws, statistics, and realities over the last few years. You learn about both sides of the issues, you can see the types of arguments professional feminists will throw at you, as well as arguments you are likely to hear from politicians who have industries to protect; and as I have said.......follow the money for answers. The darkness and silence and spin that has surrounded family issues for over 30 years, the faulty logic and bogus arguments, has begun to be exposed for what it is......because information makes for knowledge.....and knowledge is the power to change and correct the system.

For those of you who I have worked with or have been influenced by in science, I thank you for your help and putting up with me over the years. For those I have been working with most recently in science, I expect to finish the projects we have going and provide you with either the materials or knowledge to finish them and continue the work. For those who have come to know me and my work pushing for parental rights and families......I will be back soon and expect to attend conferences and meetings in D.C. at the end of July and beginning of August.

Until I return..........

I am as always,

Gregory Palumbo, Ph.D.