Opinion about deadbeat dads

I don't know about most 'deadbeat dads', but in my experience, I have found that most of the people not paying their child support payments are relatively poor. Making it from paycheck to paycheck just to stay alive. The government may want these people to pay up, but I am sure that most of them don't have the funds to do so. If they are penalized further, lose their jobs, etc..., this will force them to go 'underground' and a new counter-culture will soon emerge. These people will be forced to engage in likely illegal activities in order to stay alive. The government has already alienated enough people as it is, and one more anti-government/criminal element is not what is needed in our society. If these parents are unable to pay child support, what good is it going to do to penalize them further? If the government wants to help these people to pay their child support payments, raise the minimum wage to $12 per hour or better! I was making $5.75 an hour as a teenager as a laborer in 1972 for christ's sake! The minimum wage has just now hit that! Then a gallon of milk was less than $1 and now it's nearly $3. It used to be that a single parent could comfortably support a family, and now 2 parents working full time may not be sufficient to provide adequately for a family. If you want these 'deadbeat dads' (deadbeat parents, they're not ALL dads!) to pay their debt, see to it that they are able to earn enough both to survive, support their family (if remarried) and have enough left over to pay their child support. In addition, the government should see to it that if the custodial parent has not allowed visitation or complied with other court orders, that parent should be penalized financially also. The doors of justice should swing both ways. As for the government database, I am reminded that information is power, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely! If the trend in government continues, and we do not check it's course, we will return to the dark ages.