An 'Ant Mentality' motivation to government

The deadbeat dad database is a manifestation of a government that desires all its citizens to be perfect little worker ants with 'the good of the colony' each citizen's only motivation. While this sort of behavior may be good for an ant colony, it is extremely undesirable for human beings. Picture this: The government sets up a very elaborate computer system to monitor every person in the country every moment of every day (1984?). Good little government workers constantly check every aspect and detail of your life, and finally, cull out all the individuals who are not good little citizen workers. We are now a country of ant-citizens, true to the government and good workers working for the good of our colony. Fine. So what is the purpose for our colony? Conquering all other colonies and making them part of us and just like us? OK. Then what? All the people in the world are part of our colony. The problem here is that once the goal of the government is reached (whatever that might be), who will then give direction toward further growth to the colony? Who will give the direction? The president? Although the president may be a good lawyer and politician, does he know the ultimate goal for mankind to achieve? I don't think so. When you round up all your citizens under one set of ideologies, your country is bound to manifest a severe problem somewhere down the line. Government agencies should not be armed with the tools to track or manipulate the entire population. There is danger here! I don't know of any priviledge or right that the government has taken from us that they have given back. The tools that are set in place now, (under the guise of tracking deadbeat dads), will at some point in the future, be enhanced and expanded to cover other areas of our lives, and eventually, an ant colony-country will emerge, and when it does, free or creative spirits will have died.