What can you do? Get off your dead ass and do SOMETHING!

What can we do about it? Well, I'd personally like to see every person in the country who believes that the government is becoming a danger to its citizens, strike out in any way available to them. Write your congressman, talk to your relatives and friends, tell your employer how unhappy you are that they are supplying information to the government that they should not be. Write a virus that will destroy government databases. Quit your job and go on welfare in protest. Sabotage the computer system in the government agency you work for. Organize a march in front of City, State and Federal offices. Picket, protest and bitch! Don't take it lying down. If your husband or boyfriend, wife or girlfriend supports this insanity, don't give em any until they change their mind! Snub your neighbor if he works for the government or agrees with this sort of government madness! A lot can be done. If enough people do SOMETHING, the government will have to back off or come out of the closet and declare that we are really all federal slaves! It used to be that the government was there to protect and serve the people and uphold and defend our constitutions. Now, it appears that those in government feel that they are the ones with the rights, and we are there to uphold and defend them! Got enough lawyers in politics yet! The information age may be the undoing of one of the strongest and freest nations on earth.

(These are my opinions and should not be construed as advice to break the law!)