Criticism - Deadbeat Dads (Will someone tell Sara that there aren't supposed to be debtors prisons in the US?)

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Okay, I'm with the Libertarians on most issues, but I have a hard time with this deadbeat dad thing and the noise about privacy issues. Personally, since I've done nothing wrong, I don't care who sees what information about me or who purchases it illegally or whatever. But I specifically wanted to comment on your position about deadbeat dads; you theorized that most of them are too poor to make the payments.

I'd like to point out that child support payments are determined in a court of law depending on how much it will cost to raise the child and how much each parent has available to contribute to that. Imagine letting a "poor dad" off the hook because he can't make it from paycheck to paycheck, and leaving the child's mother -- who is, in all likelihood, in an income bracket near the father's -- to pay for the child's expenses from her own paycheck. And she can't make nearly as much money as the father can, because work nearly as much as the father; she's also responsible for *raising* the child!

Forcing fathers to pay child support is just another way of upholding the law as determined by the US judicial system. If you have an issue with fathers having to pay for their child's upbringing, that's something to take up with the actual court case, and not any measures taken to enforce those decisions.

Just my 2 cents.