Did you know?

Did you know that the Constitution is supposed to be readable by the average man without a legal background? Have you read the Constitution of California lately? It is reading more and more like a law book, and in fact, cites penal and civil codes now! It seems to be a document more and more for the protection of government than for people! It used to be that government was for the protection of the people, but now, it appears that people are for the protection of government!

Do you want to know why children are shooting each other in schools? I'm tired of the anti-gun attitude of the media. The reason that children are shooting each other is poor parenting! You get arrested if you discipline your children any more. Government is poor at best as a child rearing entity! No fault divorce... Lots of children with only one parent, sent to the babysitter to raise. What morals do you think your child will learn from a babysitter who is probably a child herself and who gets paid less than minimum wage?! Open your eyes. Guns have been around since America has been a nation, and only recently has this phenomenon become so widespread. Media attention and poor parenting are the cause of the problem, not guns or gun ownership! Remember the riots of the sixties and seventies? They went away when they became so commonplace that the media put that news on the back burner for more important news! No one was getting the attention they craved! Give the dog the reward he wants and he will do anything you want to get it. If these children were getting the attention AND discipline they needed at home, these problems would vanish.

How about tobacco? Well, originally when this big tobacco fiasco started, it was because of the great expense that smokers caused in our society when they get cancer. The government was going to get money from taxes and these lawsuits to offset the costs. What happened to that idea? If and when I ever get cancer, I'll bet there won't be a single nickle there to pay the hospital or doctor out of the money that they get from lawsuits and taxes on cigarettes! Let's put a fat tax in place! After all, obese people have a lot more heart problems and problems with their legs and feet, etc... Who's whining about their impact on costs to society! Not the fat-ass politicians that vote their own pay raises in (wouldn't that be a nice job to have, one that you could decide just what amount of money you wanted per year???).

Did you know that if something is in the Constitution, it is the law! Did you know that in California, most public officials are in violation of Ammendment XX Section 3 of the California State Constitution? California Government Code Section 1770(i) states that the office is vacant if a public employee has 'refused or neglected' to take the proper oath within the time provided by law (30 days)! Remove the politician from office? 1770(i) says that he is removed! No further proceedings need to be taken according to the US Supreme Court. When confronted with the problem, you get a big 'who cares...' But, when I am driving 10mph over the speed limit, the judge just says 'it's the law and ignorance is no excuse! That'll be $50.' Well, why bother having a Constitution if you can ignore any part you want of it when you want. What other parts of the Constitution is being ignored? Does that affect anyone?