A thought about being militant...

I made an offer to someone to express his views also on this page. He replied that he would probably be too militant, as he believes that a civil war is just about the only way to make the needed changes at this late a date in our countries history. Although I do not like the idea of a civil war, because too many innocent people get harmed in the process, and a lot of the infrastructure in the country is destroyed, I too feel that people will wait too long to stop the encroachment of those in power upon the rights of the individual, and a civil war will almost certainly be the result. That is why I advise that we start NOW! TODAY! Do something to put our country back on track and put government and government employees and officials back in their appropriate places and out of our homes and lives.

Back to the subject of militance. If we took most of our historic heros and brought them into the present, they would most likely be labled a subversive, arrested by the FBI and imprisoned. Are the idealistic concepts of the past dead? Freedom? Liberty? Freedom of Speech? I certainly hope not. When someone threatens ones' survival, by taking your means of making a living and thus removing food from you or your families mouth, I believe that this is worth fighting about. If a criminal comes into your house and attempts to steal from you, you have the right to protect yourself, your family and your property.

Does it then make any difference that the criminal is a government bureaucrat lost in his psychotic/neurotic pursuit of the duties of his job? Not as far as I am concerned. When a government official or employee takes office, they are sworn to an oath to '... uphold and defend the Constitution of (STATE) and the Constitution of the United States of America...) In addition they are required to uphold the laws. In neither case are they sworn to alter them! What do you call it when you have a system of law that is now based on precedent, and an overly eager District Attorney with an axe to grind, uses his power to prosecute extreme abstractions of law? You have a man who needs to be shot. He is in the act of altering our lives and is protracting his powers to do so even more.

When a political or government entity threatens you and your family's security and survival in cases where you have not provoked their interaction by blatant criminal acts, you are justified in getting out your gun and protecting yourself. What was that old saying again?

Give me liberty or give me death!

(These are my opinions and should not be construed as advice to anyone to break the law.)