A Class Action Lawsuit for non-custodial parents rights!

A message of interest that I recieved via e-mail...


Dear Friends,

As parents concerned with protecting the rights of ourselves and our children, we thought the following information would interest you.

Before I explain who "we" are, I will explain what we are not. We are not an "advocacy" group here to provide information or refer you to an attorney. We have a singular objective: To band together noncustodial parents nationwide, into one entity that will take legal action to abolish state laws which routinely abuse our Constitutional and God given rights.

Our group began as a handful of fathers and mothers concerned over the abuses perpetrated by the divorce "industry" and the damage those abuses have cost our society. Notice that I referred to divorce as an "industry." Make no mistake, that is precisely what it is - in fact billions of dollars - including the peripheral industries that feed off divorce.

While researching facts for our plan, a picture began to emerge of the overwhelming devastation that was directly attributable to the conflict created from divorce and custody issues. The destruction of the family, financial devastation, desperation and despair, suicide and even murder, are just a small sample of the fallout from a twenty-year failed "experiment" done in the name of "the best interests" of children.

The question is, "Whose children?" Certainly not ours.

We know this for certain - much of divorce/family law is unconstitutional. Many activists in this cause will try to convince us that substantive reform is taking place. THIS IS NONSENSE. Our system of family law was designed, and continues to be maintained, by those who benefit from it the most. Any reform, good or bad, made to a system which blatantly tramples the fundamental rights of citizens, is a serious mistake. Those of us who doubted that fact learned the hard way. Read on:

A New York judge, Hon. Richard Hunter, former chief judge of the King's County (Brooklyn) Family Court, and a prominent member of the New York State Commission on Child Support, made the following comments in "The Fathers Also Rise," New York Magazine, November, 18, 1985: "You have never seen a bigger pain in the ass than the father who wants to get involved; he can be repulsive. He wants to meet the kid after school at three o'clock, take the kid out to dinner during the week, have the kid on his own birthday, talk to the kid on the phone every evening, go to every open school night, take the kid away for a whole weekend so they can be alone together. This type of father is pathological."

Judge Hunter is by no means unique. He is representative of the bias and stupidity that is pervasive in Family Law courts. He, and others like him, are a prime example of the need to remove judges who are a disgrace to our system of justice and to remove the word "discretion" from Family Law Statutes.

Over the past two decades, Federal and State governments have established hundreds of fact-finding commissions to "investigate" the problems of Family Law. The research is in. The facts are overwhelming. This system does not work. And despite the thousands of "right's" groups and their millions of members, no significant reform of these laws has occurred. In fact, it has gotten worse.

Serious reform cannot be effected at the state level. The tremendous pressure placed on the states, by the Federal Government to collect child support as an incentive for Federal Aid, will guarantee the continuation of this tyranny. As a result, families are being torn apart, lives are destroyed and family wealth is being squandered. Yet, the divorce industry continues to flourish as the federal government turns its back on the most important citizens in this country - our children.

The traditional methods of activism have FAILED US MISERABLY! We believe that it is time to fight fire with fire - to pull the plug on a system that continues to use ignorance, fear and intimidation to rape the people it is supposed to protect. You are being given an opportunity to participate in a pivotal moment in American history likely to be as significant as the abolishment of slavery. The time has come to remind this government that it works for the benefit of US, we do not work for the benefit of it. The time has come to remind this government that special interest groups do not dictate policy, WE do. The time has come to remind this government that "We" are here and we are not going to back down.

The Class Action Lawsuit is based upon the Constitutional issues of equal protection under the law and compelling interest. Our Class Distinction is Noncustodial Parents. The legal principal is not complicated - noncustodial parents face routine abuse of their Constitutional Rights while other citizens (including criminals) do not. That constitutes discrimination.

This is not a Pro Se case. We intend to retain the most qualified Civil Rights attorneys in this country. We are prepared to file this suit in Federal Court, with each of the fifty states as defendants. However, it is essential that we have a minimum of one million plaintiffs prior to filing. This is necessary for two reasons. First, the financial burden to litigate this suit will be substantial. The more plaintiffs we have, the less it will cost each of us. Second, and more importantly, a class action of such proportion will command not only the attention of all branches of our government - Executive, Legislative and Judicial - but the media as well.

We are NOT asking for money at this time. We are asking for your commitment to support this lawsuit and that you make an effort to inform other noncustodial parents, or anyone else, interested in the TRUE best interests of children. Currently, the Plaintiffs in this Class Action - men and women just like you - number in the hundreds of thousands.

REMEMBER! Our right to be parents is just that - a "right" - it is not a privilege that is bestowed upon us by anyone. It is a right that extends to our children as well as ourselves. It is a right that is protected by the Constitution of the United States. It is a right worth fighting for.

We will no longer accept excuses from a government that, while using its power to pressure foreign nations to adopt basic human rights, continues to allow a significant number of its own citizens to be treated as human garbage. It is critical that we all come together and demonstrate our resolve to finally put an end to our status as "second-class citizens." Remember, no one can make you inferior unless you allow it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

"We have learned that freedom in itself is not enough. Freedom of speech is of no use to a man who has nothing to say. Freedom of worship is of no use to a man who has lost his God" - Franklin D. Roosevelt.

I would add to that, "Freedom to be a parent is of no use to a man or women who has lost their children".

Best Wishes, Steven Rosamilia National Coordinator "We The People" CustodyCop@AOL.com ICQ#: 9766059

"Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is in an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob, and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe."- Frederick Douglass, April, 1886