A letter to all our (We the People's) employees.

Dear Employee,

It has come to our attention that you have somehow come to the erroneous conclusion that as a government employee you are somehow entitled to more rights and/or title than a citizen. On this point, you are absolutely wrong. Let me explain it to you:

If working for the government were in itself a right, you would not need to fill out an application for work or go through any screening save proving your citizenship and that you were not a felon. If, therefore, it is not a right to work for We The People, it must fall into the category of a priviledge.

As with all priviledges, one generally compromises one or more of his or her rights. As with driving, many rights are abridged due to the contract with the state. Well, when you went to work for the government (We The People), looking for that job security, benefits, retirement and all the other goodies that come with government employment, you also took on more responsibilities and waived some of your personal rights.